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The Lady Is A Vamp

by | 7th, May 2004

‘IF you want to get your picture in the papers, you have two main options.

‘And it’s all done in the best possible taste’

Dress yourself up as a soldier and pose for pictures “torturing” a waiter at your local Lebanese restaurant. Or take your clothes off.

Of course, the latter option presupposes you look like Kate Beckinsale…which, luckily for Kate Beckinsale, she does.

(If you don’t, we suggest that you contact Extreme Makeovers at Nip ‘n’ Tuck House, Silicon Valley, California 675902.)

The star of Van Helsing manages to dominate the front pages of both the Sun and Star this morning, simply by posing in a variety of skimpy outfits for GQ.

Even the Mail devotes its Page 3 to the vampish pictures of the 30-year-old actress on the rather feeble excuse that she is getting married to American director Len Wiseman on Sunday.

“Any suggestion that the impending nuptials might cramp her style,” it says, “is swiftly dispelled as she exchanges her English rose image for that of a sexy siren.”

And with not a surgeon’s knife in sight…’

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