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Down, George!

by | 10th, May 2004

‘YOU might like to get an adult to help you with this story. And send granny out of the room.

A victim of the ratings’ war

The Mirror says that the BBC’s moves to create a newer, fresher image are moving on apace.

Where Michael Parkinson led, now George the tortoise has slowly followed. But the manner of his departure was not nearly so smooth.

The Mirror hears the BBC claim that George, the Blue Peter tortoise who has slept through the show for 22 years, is dead.

We do not know how exactly he died (and how can you tell when a tortoise is dead?), only that he fell victim to something called “old age”.

(Parkinson can think himself lucky to have gotten away from the BBC so lightly.)

It’s a sad day. And one in which the Mirror looks back over some of George’s finest moments.

Who can forget the time he urinated on athlete Kris Akabussi live on air?

And what about that episode when presenter Mark Curry trod on George, sending the star in a hard shell spinning across the studio.

Great moments in all our lives, not only in George’s.

But there is no room for such innocent fun at the new-look, modern BBC, with its Strictly Come Dancing and its celebrity DIY shows.

At least you can join in with George’s farewell at home, however. All you need is a dead tortoise, an old shoebox, some double-sided sticky tape and a shallow hole.

Oh, and don’t forget a friendly coroner – you wouldn’t want this turning into a scandal. Remember Dr Kelly?’

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