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No Fun For The Hun

by | 13th, May 2004

‘IF you believe the UK Independence Party, all Germans wear lederhosen, eat sausages, drink beer from steins and spend their time plotting how to take over Europe.

‘It vas never ze same after Geoff Hurst…’

The truth, however, is very different. According to the Times, Germany is a nation of moaners, led by self-serving politicians (with or without dyed hair) and greedy managers.

Not the paper’s words, but those of outgoing German President Johannes Rau.

“Egotism, avarice and self-righteousness in parts of the so-called elite are sapping the trust in institutions,” he said.

“On almost every issue it is about who can win against whom and how to inflict damage most effectively.

“Individual incompetence is being made to seem typical for the whole of German society.”

The media, he added, delighted in talking everything down, with newspapers developing a “fatal attraction to painting everything black” and fuelling the resentment of ordinary citizens.

Don’t tell the UKIP, but it sounds like Germany’s just like Britain after all…’

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