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by | 19th, May 2004

‘ORDINARILY, we would expect the Daily Mail to take up our ‘Save The Blonde’ campaign and run with it.

Three of these cans are killers. Can you spot which?

But some days there are so many stories vying for the paper’s attention that, even with 88 family fun-filled pages, it can’t cope.

For instance, on another day news that fizzy drinks can cause cancer of the gullet would probably have made the front page (as it does in today’s Express).

But readers have to wade through until Page 19 before reading how carbonated drinks are being linked with a massive rise in oesophageal cancer over the past 20 years.

An exchange at a EU summit in Brussels, in which Foreign Secretary Jack Straw compared France and Germany to blood-sucking mosquitoes only for his French counterpart to suggest that Britain was like a tsetse fly putting Europe to sleep, only makes Page 15.

And a report claiming that every household in Britain is paying £500 a year to cover the cost of the country’s spiralling compensation culture fares only slightly better, finding a berth on Page 10.

On Page 7, we read how ’50 Black Policemen Were Happy To Give DNA To Help Identify A Rapist. But When Their Union Heard, They Opposed The Idea Saying It Was Politically Incorrect. Now The Hunt Has Stalled.’

But pride of place this morning, beating even the toddler who swallowed a toy and the memory loss woman who learned to love again, goes to ‘Mother’s Fury As Child Abuser Is Freed’.

Some stories are just made for the Mail…’

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