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Posh – The Early Years

by | 20th, May 2004

‘IF modern Britain is embodied by a single figure, it is no longer the curvy form of Britannia but the pencil-thin features of Victoria Beckham – not much of a future, rocky present and dodgy past.

‘Just say no!’

We leave visions of the future to Mystic Meg, who if she peers into her crystal ball can no doubt see 50 years hence an 80-year-old Posh still desperately striving for that elusive solo No.1.

For Posh’s present, we need only look at the gossip pages of any tabloid or celebrity magazine we care to pick up in our local newsagent’s.

But for her past, we turn to the centre pages of this morning’s Sun and pictures of a 19-year-old Victoria Adams on her first modelling assignment – for a self-help sex book.

Looking at the dodgy perm and dodgier skin, one imagines that the thrust of Linda Sonntag’s sex advice was ‘Just say no!’

Even the Sun can find little positive to say about the shots, taken with teenage boyfriend Mark Wood.

“With her flammable levels of hairspray and more puppy fat than a dogs’ home, it’s amazing that this girl was to become one of Britain’s style icons,” it says.

“Yet this really is the future Posh Spice – and these are the pictures she prayed had been lost for ever.”

Tomorrow, Britannia’s topless photo shame…’

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