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Family Ties

by | 20th, May 2004

‘NOT everyone has the Hamiltons’ madcap sense of humour and mastery of the stage – some people have to rely on their parents for their big break in life.

‘Papa was a Rolling Stone…’

If you can’t start a fashion label for instance, the next best thing is to be like Sven Ley and be the heir to a fashion label.

And the next best thing after that is to be like London socialite Zoe Appleyard and marry Sven Ley in a dress from the family business, thus instantly becoming wife of the Escada heir.

Alternatively, you can be like any one of the members of Europe’s royal families who attended the recent wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark to Aussie Mary Donaldson.

Prince Edward, seen with wife Sophie, is very much the exception – his talents as a film-maker would have set him apart in any company.

As is Leah Wood, daughter of Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood, who is embarking on a music career of her own.

Leah is determined that she will get to the top of her chosen profession on her own merits and not those of her father.

That’s why her band is known by such an anonymous title as The Leah Wood Group, as opposed for instance to The Leah Wood (Daughter Of A Rolling Stone) Group…’

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