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Business As Usual

by | 21st, May 2004

‘HAD flour been ricin and Tony Blair been hit by a real bomb, it would have deprived the papers of the chance to laugh at the Prime Minister’s choice of attire this morning.

‘Eew – purple’s like so last year!’

(Even Labour-hating papers like the Mail might baulk at criticising the cut of Blair’s shroud.)

However, thankfully the only damage our revered leader suffered in Wednesday’s attack was to his suit – and that gave him a chance to try a loud check number on for size.

Both the Express and the Sun publish pictures of the PM in the offending garment, while Gordon Brown chortles in the background.

But had flour been ricin as we said, Brown would not have been alive to laugh at his boss. Instead, David Blunkett would be Prime Minister today.

The Express says the Home Secretary was the most senior Cabinet minister not in the House of Commons chamber at the time, with Geoff Hoon also absent.

The Mail imagines the scenario, suggesting the stock market would plummet, troops would take to the streets, the Underground would be closed and traffic in London would come to a standstill.

In other words, business as usual…’

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