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The Exam Bored

by | 24th, May 2004

‘FOR children these days, school is just one test after another.

‘He’s trying to make eye contact with you, Sorene’

‘What ride was your favourite at the funfair?’ ‘Who had the better tan – people returning from Ibiza or Lanzarote?’ ‘Draw a full-scale picture of Lucy Pinder’s breasts…’

But the same is true for teachers, who have to sit for hour after hour invigilating these tests.

So how do the teachers beat the boredom?

The answer, according to the Telegraph, appears to be by playing games, often poking fun at their unsuspecting students.

One game, for instance, is called Ugly, in which the invigilator stands next to the ugliest person in the room until he or she makes eye contact.

Then there is Good Kid, Bad Kid in which an invigilator selects a pupil from his or her class on the exam attendance grid and the other has to guess which category they fall into just by looking at them.

Another favourite is Chicken in which one invigilator deliberately walks between the desks towards an advancing colleague until one takes evasive action.

Finally, there is Where Is Everyone? in which the invigilator looks round the empty exam room and has to try to guess on which beach all his or her students are lying…’

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