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Magic Moments

by | 24th, May 2004

‘LISA Scott-Lee and Johnny Shentall of course have the talent, enthusiasm and buttocks to make it to the top of whatever tree they decide to climb.

‘When does the first Z-list showbiz party start?’

For others, the path to stardom is long and windy and goes via the Big Brother house in Elstree.

One thinks of such characters on last year’s show as, er, the drippy one and, er, the Scottish one and, of course, who could forget, er, the other one.

In anticipation of the start of this year’s show, OK! looks back over the previous four series and selects its five favourite moments.

Amazingly, none are taken from last year’s show. No, not even Cameron feeding the chickens or Tanya sunbathing or, er, Nush sunbathing or, er, Scott sunbathing.

OK! decides that even such moments of spellbinding television cannot compete with Jade getting her kit off, Craig getting his kit off, Paul and Helen not getting each other’s kit off, Alex putting his kit on and Nasty Nick packing up his kit and heading for the exit.

Memories we’ll all take to the grave with us…’

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