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Loos-ing It

by | 26th, May 2004

‘ONE thing you can’t accuse David Beckham of is using the media when it suits him, and then turning on it when he doesn’t like what it is saying about him.

Read all about it – David Beckham is really, really nice…

Well, you can accuse him of it, but he’ll have a hissy fit if you do.

In fact, that’s just reminded us of another thing you can’t say about David. You can’t say that he cheats on his wife and is not a perfect father.

And why can’t you do this? Same reason as above: he’ll have a hissy fit and refuse to talk to you.

That’s the situation facing the Daily Mail. For Becks has decided to cast the esteemed paper into the media darkness.

The Daily Express – more in sorrow than anger, of course – reports David’s complaints about its deadly rival in detail, under the headline: “Beckham: The Daily Mail is an absolute disgrace”.

He complains about how he and his family have been treated, but why? “Because at the end of the day I’m a loving husband and father and that’s what I’ve made clear to these people.”

Well, that should settle the matter. Let’s hope the Mail takes note and hangs its head in shame…

Oh. Oh dear. It seems that the Mail has not done the decent thing. Instead, it has launched a shocking attack on the world’s top dad and hubby, whom it dubs “Captain Cantankerous”.

There’s even a special Daily Mail Comment column on the subject (“He snivels. He sulks.” Etc.).

Furthermore, it invites former England skipper Emlyn “V-neck” Hughes to give his twopenny’orth, and he believes that Becks has a duty to speak “to one and all” – something EH always did, regardless of whether anybody wished to hear his pearls of wisdom.

Another former England star (and mini-cab driver) Alan Mullery goes further, describing Becks’ tantrum as “crass stupidity”.

The paper concludes that Becks should concentrate on “captaining a successful England teams instead of behaving like a big girl’s blouse”.

But deep down, it would be happier with both…’

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