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Ayatolla Bush

by | 26th, May 2004

‘DON’T be too surprised if when the Iraqi people vote for their leader next January, George Bush wins by a landslide.

Ayatollah Sistani prepares himself for defeat

A glitch in the American-made voting machines will mean that Ayatollah Sistani, the Shia leader, a man the Independent calls “the most powerful Iraqi politician”, will appear as G. Bush on some voting slips.

But it might work out for the best – at least this way, Bush will be able to press ahead with his five-point plan for a newer and freer Iraq not from the position of an invading tyrant but as the country’s democratically elected leader.

And that’s the bright and rosy future Bush put forward in a speech at the US Army War College.

“I sent American troops to Iraq to defend our security, not to stay as an occupying power,” says Bush, reinforcing the notion that the Iraq campaign is part of the universal war on terror.

“I sent American troops to Iraq to make its people free, not to make them American. Iraqis will write their own history and find their own way.”

As George also says: ”Iraqis are proud people who resent foreign control on their affairs, just as we would.”

No arguing with that last point, even if the final part appears to be a little dig at our own beloved leader, the yapping Tony Blair.

The Telegraph says that having been accused by the Opposition and members so of his own party of blindly going along with whatever the Bush administration dictates, yesterday Tony tried to create some light between himself and the US President.

The paper hears Blair say that a new Iraqi government should be allowed to veto military action by the coalition forces. Any operations against insurgents should be carried out only with the Iraqi government’s consent.

Only this way will there be a “real and genuine” transfer of sovereignty on the June 30 deadline, says Tony.

This sounds terribly fair, until you realise, as US Secretary of State Colin Powell does, that it would effectively mean Iraqis controlling the US-led forces.

And anyone who can’t spot the flaw with that idea must be stupid. Or with stupid…’

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