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Kilroy Goes There

by | 27th, May 2004

‘WE are pleased to say that Robert Kilroy-Silk’s campaign to relocate to Brussels is gathering pace.

Boat for Kilroy

The Telegraph followed the perma-tanned champion of ordinary, decent people to Northampton yesterday, where he pressed flesh and even autographed the hand of one of his many young fans.

He also took time to speak to a frail, 85-year-old D-Day veteran. Kilroy asked him if he was going to the 60th anniversary celebrations.

No, said the old soldier, the memories were too awful. “You should go,” replied Kilroy, his finger on the pulse of popular opinion. “It might be the last thing you do.”

It might. Although the vet may like to hang around until June 10 and vote for Kilroy in the European elections before popping off.

And what he’d be making his mark against is made clear earlier in the paper, where the Telegraph says how Ceredigion county council in Wales has adopted an EU ruling with gusto.

From now on, butchers in the locale are banned from giving bones to dog owners, and, most likely, owners of tigers, hyenas, children and all manner of family pets.

Under the EU’s Animal By-products Regulations ruling, which came into force last year, “the practice of supplying domestic animals with bones, meat trimmings etc, must be discontinued”.

This is thin edge of a very obese wedge. Europe must be stopped.

But the UK Independence Party cannot succeed with just Kilroy, however energetic, surprisingly youthful and attractive he is for a man of his age.

The cause needs others. So come on Vanessa Feltz, Anthea Turner, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, Victoria Beckham (if you’re still here), Princess Michael of Kent, Neil and Christine Hamilton, Richard Madeley, Carol Smillie and Kerry McPadding, it’s time to get on the campaign trail.

We’d vote in our droves to send you lot to Brussels. Come on, your country needs you…’

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