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Golden Years

by | 27th, May 2004

‘ONE day to go!

Kebabs never tasted the same again

Yes, it’s almost Big Brother time again, and the Star whets our appetite with an “EXCLUSIVE” round-up of a poll to find the best moment in the show’s illustrious four-year history.

As you would expect, the competition is fierce. Pray silence please for:

1. Jade in her “birthday suit” in strip-poker game.

2. Helen saying “I like blinking” and falling in love.

3. Tim saying “Comprende?”.

4. Adele telling Jade that her “minging” verucca was a fungal infection.

5. Er, that’s it.

“Telly bosses hope the new series of Big Bruv will provide more classic moments,” says the paper. And so say all of us.’

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