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Tea On The Tracks

by | 1st, June 2004

‘IT’S not easy being a wrinkly rocker. Not only does the voice go, making it harder to scream those big notes, but you suffer the same problems as every other OAP.

‘The 13:50 service from Lancaster will be ready for boarding in ten minutes’

For one thing, the house is too big for your old bones, and this is particularly true if your house is a bloody great mansion with 20 bedrooms.

Rod Stewart is a man who is currently experiencing precisely this problem, and although he is a sprightly 59, he has trouble keeping up with his 33-year-old partner Penny Lancaster.

So he has hit upon an ingenious solution: using a Tannoy announcement machine to issue his mating call to his blonde bird – or to tell her to put the kettle on.

“It was hilarious the first time I was round there and heard the loud hailer,” an unnamed source tells the Sun. “It was almost like having Rod Stewart as a train station announcer.”

Of course, this was before Rod took him up to the loft to play with his famous Hornby brush-four…’

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