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by | 1st, June 2004

‘SOME may argue that culling the poor and anti-social is just a part of the evolutionary process.

Page refused to jump through hoops – or do a forward role

Were Charles Darwin alive today, he might approve, perhaps even push the plunger on a sink housing estate and watch the zeta-males and females leave the circle of life in so much ash.

Others will argue that all life is precious, even it does smoke 60-a-day, drink cans of extra strong larger and defecate though your letterbox.

It’s what members of Petra would call ‘Creation versus Evolution’, which is what the group wrote on a banner at the Brimscombe jamboree, Gloucestershire.

By way of background, the Telegraph tells its readers that Petra believes all human life can be traced back to Adam and Eve and that dinosaurs roamed the earth alongside men about 6,000 years ago.

Valid ideas to discuss with Estelle Morris at the Hay Festival, perhaps, but as far as Nick Page, host of BBC2’s Escape to the Country programme, is concerned, far from suited to a village do.

So, though due to appear as the guest speaker, Page, having seen the Petra banner, made his excuses to the event’s organiser, Liz Peters, and left.

Page’s note read: “Liz, apologies, but due to the religious propagandist overtones of the fete I will be unable to assist.”

And this mystified Ms Peters, who wracked her brains to think of what Page saw wrong in the show.

“The only thing any of us could think of was a puppet show in the arena called ‘Hand Stands for Jesus’,” says she.

While many, including us, would pay good money to see such a show, Page was not buying into it.

“But we’ve got a Christian fundamentalist prime minister,” says he, “sending hundreds of people to their death every week and I couldn’t believe people were promoting these sorts of ideas – at a village fete of all places.”

Although to us it sounds like the perfect place to engage in such a dialogue.

“First Brimscombe, then Basra”, as they say in the evolving environs of Gloucestershire…’

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