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Young, Gifted – And Black?

by | 2nd, June 2004

‘BEING gay and black isn’t easy – just ask David Beckham.

Beckham BG (Before G-string)

Becks has recently been voted Gay Icon of the Year, and also received an award for being the country’s top black sportsman.

But somehow he seems to juggle both balls successfully, to the delight of those in both the gay and sports camps.

He tells the American magazine Vanity Fair that he has “always dressed different”: “When I was six I was a page boy at a wedding and the outfit I wanted to wear was knickerbockers, knee-length socks, frilly shirt, and ballet shoes.” When his father told him people would laugh, young master Becks replied: “I don’t care – I like it.”

And having thrown this bone to his camp followers, Becks talks of his current sartorial mentor from the urban world of bad-boy rap.

The Sun reports that some of his clothes are chosen by rapper P.Diddy. “We speak on the phone. He sends me some clothes sometimes, He’s a really nice bloke,” opines the England skipper.

Spoken like a nice man, David.’

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