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Lovely Bubbly

by | 3rd, June 2004

‘WHILE Vanessa Feltz wants to teach the world to slim, we are afraid to report that the Sun is pulling in the opposite direction. (Clearly, to little effect.)

The bubbles get right up the noses of the French

It is offering its readers the chance to win a free scoop of “delicious” Thorntons ice cream, along with a “yummy” free fudge stick.

We do not know whether Thorntons ice cream contains any dairy products or not, but with names like Chocolate Heaven and Tempting Toffee we don’t care that much.

However, it’s not just on food that we should be more sedulous in checking the labels.

Check the label on that fine bottle of champagne that you are drinking for breakfast and you’ll probably find “Made In England” written on it somewhere.

According to the Sun’s interpretation of a blind taste test by wine experts, British sparkling wine is better than French champagne.

A £19 bottle of Classic Cuvee 1996 from Sussex, for instance, was praised for its “complexity and elegance”; a £14.99 Pinot Reserve from Kent was highly rated; and a £18.95 Cuvee Merret Cavendish 2000 from Sussex was also well received.

Three experts are still in hospital, however, after tasting the £1.99 Anorak Grand Reserve 2003.’

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