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The Ego Has Landed

by | 3rd, June 2004

‘IF the papers liked departing Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri for his whimsical humour and dignity under pressure, they are sure to like his successor Jose Mourinho.

The cock of the south?

Mourinho gave the hacks everything they wanted at a press conference yesterday, labelling his predecessor a failure and threatening to axe half the squad.

Nor is there much trace of modesty in the ex-Porto boss – the Mirror hears him tell reporters: “Please don’t think I’m arrogant, but I am European champion. I think I am a special one.”

The sports editors no doubt agree – this is a man who is going to write their headlines for them in the next couple of years irrespective of how well Chelsea perform on the pitch.

But for the moment there’s some confusion of how best to refer to the new man at the Bridge.

The Mirror comes up with the best effort – “Portuguese Man O’War” – which the Express tries, but fails to follow with its “Chelsea’s Man O’War”.

Such puns are over the heads of most Star readers and so it opts for the simpler “Mour War Games”.

But that is a lot better than the Sun’s abysmal effort, “El’s Kitchen”.

Someone, it seems, has gone to the Jade Goody school of language teaching if they don’t know the difference between Spanish and Portuganese…

While inquests go on into England’s 1-1 draw with Japan on Tuesday with questions being asked about whether a diamond is Sven’s best friend, the Mail turns to cricket.

And, being a family newspaper, it leads its coverage of the second Test (which starts today in Leeds) with news that captain Michael Vaughan is planning to abandon his team-mates to make the dash to Sheffield to see the arrival of his first-born.

Provided he is not actually batting at the time, he says he will make the trip after New Zealand agreed to allow England to use a substitute fielder in his place.

Vaughan is due to take over from Nasser Hussain in the No.4 spot, but that will of course depend on when wife Nichola goes into labour.

However, Vaughan is confident that he can adjust to the new position which will allow Lord’s hero Andrew Strauss to continue at the top of the order.

“It’s not a step down and it gives me a little more time after being in the field,” he says. “The only thing I’m going to have to get used to is the delays and the waiting.”

And the sleepless nights, the crying, the nappies…’

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