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Get Yer Kit Off

by | 3rd, June 2004

‘THERE are so many parts to David Hasselhoff that knowing where to start is never easy.

He’s even bigger in Germany

Helpfully, the man himself is keen to begin his tour of his LA mansion and his life with a recalled memory of a trip to Madrid.

“I’d gone to Madrid,” he says, “to sing on TV and someone said to me, ‘You have to go to Toledo’.”

Before we can ask America’s answer to Robert Kilroy-Silk whether it was a Madrileno with a keen ear for music that effectively told him to get out of town, David has moved on…to Toledo.

“So there I was with a friend and we decided to go into a bar full of people. Everyone was drinking and watching, and guess what they were watching?”

Never ones to pass up an invitation to interrupt, we, who have watched Spanish TV many times, offer up a) the Lotto draw; b) bull fighting; and c) football.

But three times we are wrong, because the locals were watching Knight Rider.

“So I went up to the TV and I put my face next to the screen and said in Spanish: ‘Hola, I’m Michael Knight’!”

At this point we lose track of Dave’s friend, who remains unnamed and, most likely, on the run in the remote and unforgiving Spanish interior, living on a diet of wild berries and road kill.

Meanwhile, we have Dave firmly in our sights, chiefly because he’s still standing alongside the TV screen gasping for attention.

“And I insisted: ‘I am Michael Knight.’ But they weren’t listening to me,” continues David. “Later, we [he has another friend?!] went out on to the street and bumped into this man.

“He looked at me and then started shouting: ‘Michael!’ And suddenly everyone rushed out of the bar and started to follow me. About 100 people.

“I turned round and said: ‘Hola, my name is David Hasselhoff and I’m Michael Knight!’ Then we all went into another bar and the TV was on and this time my basketball team the Lakers were winning.”

So Michael pushed his head next to the screen and slam dunked an olive onto his forehead.

And everyone just went crazy. And then, you just know, he started to sing, the earth went still and all human life ended in an instant…’

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