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Hell’s Belle

by | 7th, June 2004

‘CHEF’S arse’ is a nasty condition that can best be prevented by stuffing an entire toilet roll (intact) down the back of the cook’s trousers (or into Jamie Oliver’s mouth).

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of your clothes

And do not doubt that it works, for no less a chef than Jennifer Ellison is keen to show off her clean and untainted backside as she poses for the Star in various pairs of chef’s knickers.

While we wait for the advert in which Jennifer promises that you too can have an arse like a chef, the winner of TV’s Hell’s Kitchen turns up the heat in the Sun.

‘I can’t believe it!’ says the former Brookside actress. ‘I genuinely did not expect to win – I couldn’t even boil an egg. This is one of the best things I’ve done in my life.’

We’ve seen Brookside and can confirm that this is clearly the best thing Jen has ever done on TV by some margin.

So good was it that that three Michelin-starred chef’s arse Gordon Ramsay has, the Mirror says, offered Jen a job at one of his London restaurants.

But Jen is aware of how critical people can be, especially when a star crosses over from one profession to another.

As she tells the Star: ‘People in Britain are ready to knock anyone who tries to move from acting to singing or the other way.’

Quite so. But few have made the leap from acting to singing to the kitchen.

And it may be that Jen’s chef’s arse proves to be a hit and saves her career from going down the toilet – or pan, as TV chefs call it.’

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