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Long-Life Milk

by | 7th, June 2004

‘AS we at Anorak Towers cough and splutter our way to an early grave, we do so in the knowledge that at least old Mr Anorak himself will live on after us.

‘He shall not grow old as we that have not won as Oscar grow old…’

And it is not just because he does not have to work in this airless dungeon for 12 hours a day, only ever seeing natural light once a year during the company trip to Margate.

According to the Times, it is because having more money than those around you and the social kudos of outperforming your peers can improve your chances of a long and happy life.

Research over three decades by one of Britain’s leading medical scientists has discovered that even small moves up the hierarchy, such as a promotion at work or moving into a bigger house, can lead to improvements in health.

‘How much money you have is not as important as how much you have relative to others in society,’ concludes Sir Michael Marmot.

It is the burden of feeling inferior that makes people ill rather than material conditions such as poverty and malnutrition per se.

‘Envy of those who earn more and climb higher up the social ladder,’ says the Times, ‘can be a factor in conditions as diverse as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and mental illness.’

By way of example, the paper says that Oscar-winning actors and actresses live on average four years longer than equally famous and wealthy performers who haven’t been recognised by the Academy.

Which happily means that the world at large can continue to enjoy yet more stellar performances from Ben Affleck – even if we in Anorak Towers have long since shuffled off this mortal coil.’

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