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Those Pesky Kids

by | 8th, June 2004

‘IT is the fate of all parents not to know what their kids get up to behind their backs – and, by the sounds of it, the parents of Big Brother’s Michelle Bass are no exception.

Bass instincts

They appear to be genuinely shocked by their rampant daughter’s behaviour after she “did a Jade” with fellow housemate Stuart Wilson.

(“Doing a Jade” is not, as you might suspect, anything to do with kebabs; rather it refers to what tabloid newspapers coyly term “performing a sex act” – and what the rest of the world knows as “giving a blow job”).

In the same way, the parents of the Club 18-30 reps who “did a Jade” on three holidaymakers in the Greek resort of Faliraki sounded stunned that their daughters could have (literally) sunk so low.

Even in the face of video evidence, most prefer to deny the obvious. “Our Nikki wouldn’t do that,” the parents will say, despite pictures of their Nikki on her knees doing exactly that.

What do parents think their kids do when they’re out on the town on a Saturday night? Have a couple of camparis, a dance with a nice young man and then early to bed?

Still, Michelle’s parents might be able to ask her themselves – she’s been nominated along with Ahmed for this week’s eviction. It’ll be interesting to see whether Stuart was one of the four who wanted her out…’

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