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Poppins Off

by | 14th, June 2004

‘MARY Poppins has been an inspiration to millions of us.

And so it is that millions of housewives who have wanted to sprinkle a little fairy dust into their children’s lives have hired nannies – albeit ones from Slovenia.

But one man from China looked at Mary Poppins and felt an altogether different urge. He wanted to fly like his heroine. So he jumped from a window – a high window – holding an umbrella in the manner of La Poppins.

Amazingly, the umbrella failed to break his fall, let alone enable him to fly off, and he is now contemplating that on earth could have gone wrong from a hospital bed.

And that’s no ordinary hospital bed – it’s one with bed knobs on it. And if he can just get himself in the right position andf give it a good twist…’

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