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You’ve Been Kilroyed

by | 15th, June 2004

‘THERE is something contagious about Robert Kilroy-Silk, the new East Midlands MEP. And all the papers have caught it.

‘I only touched his hand and the next minute…’

There he is on the front page of the Independent quaffing a glass of what is described as “English wine”.

And there he is in the Telegraph sipping some more. And there he is again in the Times, draining the glass to the end.

And now here he is in the Guardian talking about what he plans to do to the European Parliament when he takes up his seat, or doesn’t.

“Wreck it,” says the orangey one. “Expose it for the waste, the corruption and the way it’s eroding our independence and our sovereignty.”

And how will Kilroy-Silk launch his wrecking ball? Why, by wishing his colleague Nigel Farage a hearty “bon voyage” and waving him on his way to the heart of European darkness that is Belgium where he hopes to form a 60-strong bloc with other Eurosceptic parties.

Parties like Poland’s Self-Defence Party, Denmark’s June Movement, Holland’s Europa Transparant and the Czech Republic’s Civic Democratic Party.

It’s all very hands across the continent, and we duly wonder if European unity could not have been hastened by all of us voting for Eurosceptic parties.

These people love to talk about the perils of a United Europe, and if they can do it a large room in Brussels while downing English plonk then so much the better.

The entire event will, of course, be televised – and, with Kilroy-Silk as host, will also give the representatives of the various parties a chance to confront their other demons, like “My mother never loved me”, “Wheelie bins: Why?” and “My father’s a transsexual grocer from Copenhagen”.’

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