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by | 21st, June 2004

‘IF David Beckham blond can be this year’s black, than surely a bovine, red and freckled Wayne Rooney can be next season’s debonair and handsome.

‘Posh! Me?’

Nothing in the hands of OK!’s scribes is beyond the possible.

But revolutions do not happen overnight. And so when OK! got down to listing the top fooballers’ wives of football’s Euro 2004 championships, Rooney and his Colleen came in second.

The lad shouldn’t be downhearted. He gave it 110% and will surely take much from the experience and return next time stronger and in the best shape of his life.

And it is, is it not, no shame coming second to Mr and Mrs Beckham.

She is, after all, less an individual and more the product of a considerable fortune paid out to a team of PR types, stylists, gurus, dressmakers, hairdressers and depilaters. And he is a nice man.

Wayne and Colleen never stood a chance against an entire team – although Posh must takes nothing for granted (if anything positive can be taken from the Rebecca Loos saga, it is that her role as her husband’s No.1 tick is not guaranteed).

Colleen might be dressed up for OK!’s photo shoot like a demented pink meringue, carry a few excess pounds and possess all the sophistication of a mug of warm Vimto, but she is just 18 years old and need only point to photos of a young Posh to realise that the top spot is within her grasp.

Indeed, viewing those early Posh stills, Colleen looks to have something of a head start…’

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