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by | 24th, June 2004

‘THE Mail is disgusted and outraged. And today more so than ever as it lists how ‘BIG BROTHER HAS DESCENDED INTO DEPRAVITY’.

For more depraved pictures, turn to Pages 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Illustrated by stomach-churning photographs whenever the story demands it, the paper invites its readership to be as shocked and appalled as it is by the endless stream of buttocks, breasts and even a blast of full-frontal nudity appearing on the TV show.

Just look at Shell as she mows the lawn…NAKED! Stare in disbelief as Michelle and Stuart kiss…in a JACUZZI! Tut and shake your head as Jason touches Vanessa’s ‘breasts’ while in BED with her AND Shell.

But, dear Mail reader, be glad you’re not a reader of the Star, whose sickened readers are forced to hear how the show’s Michelle has issued the challenge: ‘Give us the booze and we’ll have loadsa sex.’

These people have no shame.

But what goes over here will no longer go over there, as the Mail tells how the keepers of the United States’ morals are clamping down on sex and violence on television.

This story, illustrated by a scandalous shot of Janet Jackson exposing her bejewelled nipple and droopy breast to a watching America at the Super Bowl final, could also point to the future for British TV.

In response to Jackson’s flash, the US Senate has increased the amount the network channels must pay in fines for breaches of the moral code.

For each incidence of turpitude, regulators can impose a fine of £275,000 on violators, up to a maximum of $3 million a day. That’s a massive jump from the previous rate of $32,000 per flash or stab.

To the American right-minded, and their Mail-reading kin, this is surely good news indeed.

The millions of Americans who exist on a diet of porn and shoot-’em-ups – to say nothing of the nightly news under the Bush regime – will doubtless be delighted that TV is cleaning up its act.

The Mail’s readers can only pray for the day when the same happens over here…’

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