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The Tiger’s Claws

by | 30th, June 2004

‘WE’VE wrestled alligators, bungee jumped from a Boeing 747 and seen Vanessa Feltz in a swimsuit, but even we at Anorak Towers have never queued for Wimbledon tickets with the Henmaniacs.

Hands up for cake?

HRT Tim Henman’s legions of fans are not to be mingled with lightly. And the Guardian has spotted a load of them standing in line for tickets to see their idol.

There’s Jo Ward, 43, from Cambridge. “I have been coming here for 20 years and I am determined to watch Henman play,” says she.

“We get through the night by talking or playing games,” she continues. “It’s great fun because many of us who queue through the night have got to know each other over the years.”

It all sounds like jolly good fun, indeed – until you read in the Times just what passes for fun in the Wimbledon queue.

The Times says that so far this year, 17 people have been arrested trying to smuggle weapons into the club.

A zero-tolerance policy is in operation. Security guards are searching every bag on entry and visitors are obliged to pass through metal detectors.

And the haul has been remarkable. As the Times notes, the typical Tim Henman fan – or at least 17 of them – is armed with a knife and a can of Mace spray.

Of course, the Henmaniacs are not guilty of plotting an attack on Henman’s opponents, of hoping to “do a Seles” on Roger Federer.

They can point to the fact that mace is a spicy ingredient employed in the making of Tim’s favourite scones and that the knife makes a perfect tool with which to spread some of their delicious homemade jam.

And if you don’t believe that explanation, they’ll take you round the back of Court 18 and prove it to you…’

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