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The Fifth Beatle

by | 30th, June 2004

‘IS it? It could be. Wait until he turns around. Hmm, still not sure. He looks younger than he should and more fleshy. But it does look so much like John Lennon.

Mick And John in happier times

We might have gone on believing the bearded man with the shaggy hair and “John Lennon” glasses was the former lead singer of The Beatles had Hello! not stepped in.

It asks the question, and we get to find out that this is not John but his son, Sean.

Anyone still uncertain is invited to compare the shot of Sean to the accompanying shot of John and to note the obvious differences.

Firstly, Sean’s picture is in colour – the shot of John is in black and white.

And secondly, Sean’s jacket is blue – John’s is a shade of grey, like his trousers.

The differences are as clear as day, and helped no little by the fact that colourful Sean is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Ringo Starr on the front.

John would never have been seen alive or dead in such a garment, preferring as he did to hang out with the real Starr.

However, Sean does seem to be snuggling up to Mick Jagger, just as John’s doing in that black-and-white still.

But hang on, because Hello! has once again fearlessly stepped in and asked the questions that matter. The answer is that it’s not Mick, Sean’s with but the old rocker’s daughter, Lizzie.

You see, Mick’s got a pair of grey trousers on and Lizzie’s are blue…’

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