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Stress For Success

by | 5th, July 2004

‘THOSE of us who have battled into work this morning, braved traffic jams and crowded trains to arrive at our desk and find our computer not working – how good does it feel?

‘Five minutes or ten? Decisions, decisions…’

Yeah, think of those poor little health workers still tucked up bed wondering what those symptoms – headache, dry mouth, smell of beer – can mean.

They are the ones who are missing out, according to a report in this morning’s Independent.

It says things like the torture of commuting, uncooperative computers and recalcitrant children could all have health benefits.

Writing in the Psychological Bulletin, researchers claim that a brief dose of stress might actually be healthy because it strengthens the body’s defences.

But long-lasting stress can do serious damage to the immune system.

The study says such situations, like living with a permanent disability, caring for a spouse with dementia or being a war refugee, have no clear end-point.

And on the grounds that it’s better to be safe than sorry about these things, we advise you to pull that duvet up over your aching head and go back to sleep.’

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