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Hello, Dolly!

by | 5th, July 2004

‘LOOKING at the pictures of La Posh in Morocco, we become less and less certain that the man in the jellaba is her Day-vid. Since we can only see his eyes, how can we be truly certain it’s him?

And she comes with a driving licence

This man may be someone else entirely, an impostor whose presence simultaneously allows Dave to woo the women of Madrid and Posh to retain a shred of dignity.

But there is one problem with this notion of the Becks stand-in – what man in his right mind would do it?

And it got us thinking that the robed figure might be more mannequin than man, an inflatable one at that.

But do not mock because, as usual, Posh is toiling at the vanguard of fashion – soon we could all have a blow-up friend to go shopping with or take to the office.

The Mail brings news that special motorway lanes may be created which can only be used by cars carrying at least two passengers.

Drivers using the lanes with no passengers on board will be fined and/or charged a £5 toll.

To save this expense, would-be passengers – known a ‘sluggers’ – will surely do as they do in America and advertise their presence on websites and the like.

But drivers unwilling to share with someone who can’t afford a car and will most likely kill them can instead opt to buy a life-sized inflatable passenger.

Which kind of inflatable you choose is entirely up to you, although to avoid unnecessary run-ins with the police, try to steer yourselves away from dolls in full-length jellabas, black dolls or dolls wearing anything but an England football kit.’

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