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Equal Rights For Hamsters

by | 5th, July 2004

‘LOOK, kids, the funfair’s back.

‘Okay, you get three darts’

That means Jackie the teenage mum can find out if her new baby’s dad still works on the Waltzer; little Steve can ask the man on the teddy stall for his money back after the spike holding the bear’s head on blinded him; and young Sam can lose his one remaining tooth on some peanut brittle.

But the funfair is not a riot of fun for everyone. And the Express tells us the RSCPA is calling for goldfish to be no longer offered as prizes at fairs. Apparently, the fish don’t like it.

And the Government may well take notice since it’s looking to amend the Pet Animals Act 1951 and raise the legal minimum age for children to buy or own a vertebrate pet from 12 to 16.

A leaked copy of the draft Animal Welfare Bill says: ‘When the child loses interest in the animal, its welfare may suffer or it may even be abandoned.’

Or, if it’s a turtle, pony or rabbit, eaten.

But not everyone is backing the scheme. And the Express hears from an unnamed Tory MP.

‘One wonders when the first official pet inspectors will be allowed to bust down the door looking to ensure the family cat is being properly looked after,’ says they.

And that Tiddles hasn’t just been fed the goldfish…’

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