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Terry Woebegone

by | 6th, July 2004

‘IF Terry Wogan were a baggage-handler planning to strike over pay, he’d be delighted to hear that his industrial action would keep Posh and Becks out of the country.

‘And as for that Eurovision rubbish…’

You see, Terry, who in his role as Eurovision Song Contest watcher-in-chief knows a bad singer when he sees one, is of the opinion that Vicky Beckham is ‘talentless’.

Speaking in Word magazine in an interview seen by the Mirror, the old chuckler launches a broadside on the TV schedules and fame.

‘We’ve had this ridiculous Hell’s Kitchen where people who can’t cook are supposed to produce food,’ says Terry. ‘What’s the point?’

By the same token, we could ask what’s the point in Eurovision, Terry’s one TV outing of the year, where we watch people who can’t sing produce music.

But Terry can consider that at his considerable leisure, and for now is prepared to go on.

‘Reality TV is a downward spiral,’ says he. ‘In the end we’re going to end up with – well, we’ve already ended up with soft porn – but hard porn.’

That would be terrible, especially if it involved Big Brother’s Jason.

But what about celebrity, Terry?

‘Our attitude to fame is becoming more American, which is a shame. Posh and Becks is ridiculous. He’s a fair footballer, but the poor girl hasn’t any talent at all,’ says Terry.

‘Their whole life is predicated on fame. What’s going to happen when nobody wants to know?’

Well, since he asks, out guess is that Day-vid will have a string of affairs and finally leave his parasitical wife to run a pub in the New Forest, while she’ll be Britain’s Eurovision entry in around five years’ time…’

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