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by | 6th, July 2004

‘IF Michael Howard is looking for political advice, he could do worse than listen to Bart Simpson’s famous maxim, ‘Don’t have a cow, man’.

‘I can’t read a word. It’s all bloody gobbledygook!’

But Bart’s sister Lisa will not be taking up the Tory banner – according to the Independent, the eight-year-old is taking up the cause of Cornish independence.

In a Christmas Day special of the famous cartoon, Lisa will be seen charging round the family home in Springfield, waving the St Pirian’s cross and shouting: ‘Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn!’ (‘Freedom for Cornwall now!’)

The Simpsons’ executive producer Tim Long apparently came up with the idea after seeing a Cornish comedian perform in America.

He then emailed the Cornish Language Fellowship and asked them to provide a translation.

Cornish poet Paul Hodge tells the Indy that ‘it’s fantastic that Cornwall and its language is being recognised by a global phenomenon like The Simpsons.’

According to the Times, the last Cornish-only speaker died in 1777, but there are thought to be 4,000 Cornish speakers worldwide.

Make that now 4,001 or even 4,002 if Lisa can convert Bart.

‘Bydh kosel, den,’ as he would no doubt tell Michael Howard.’

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