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White Teeth

by | 7th, July 2004

‘IF Paul Gascoigne is wondering how ex-wife Sheryl has spent the money he gave her as part of their divorce settlement, we have a pretty good idea.

Black and blue is the colour

Judging by the photos of Shezza is this week’s Hello!, we would say that a significant part of the lump sum payment has gone on teeth whitening.

In fact, so white are the teeth in question that we wonder whether there was any change at all out of the £660,000 that Gazza handed over six years ago.

Sheryl says there was – she says she used the money to buy a home for herself and the children.

And she invites Hello! to said home, therein to give her side of the story of her tempestuous relationship with the former England footballer…and of course to show off her teeth.

However, judging by her account of the beatings she was given during their seven-year relationship, it’s a wonder she’s got any teeth left.

‘I am tired of hearing about what a great guy and father he is,’ she says. ‘The Paul we know is different from the Paul the public knows.’

For instance, she recounts how the football legend beat her up just before her sister’s wedding in the early 1990s.

‘He only stopped because he felt my blood on his hand,’ she recalls. ‘He left me in a heap and I was physically unable to go to my sister’s wedding.’

And she recounts how he even hit her while she was pregnant with the couple’s son, Regan.

‘He had me up against the wall and ordered me to have an abortion,’ she says. ‘I was scared, but decided to have my baby.’

Finally, a tabloid paper published pictures of Sheryl’s beaten face and dislocated fingers after a well-documented bust-up at the Gleneagles Hotel in 1996.

‘That was the last time he hit me, but it most certainly wasn’t the first – or the worst,’ she says.

If Wayne Rooney is being touted as the new Gazza, all we can say is that we feel very sorry for Colleen McLoughlin…’

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