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Kiss Me, Kate

by | 9th, July 2004

‘BABY Viv was buried this week, in scenes of – for once – genuine tragedy.

‘Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?’

Lynne has been unable to cope with the knowledge that she’s lost her one chance at being a mum and decided to leave Walford to start a new life…in a town where they have 24-hour happy hours no doubt.

Garry is still grieving – as you can tell by the fact he’s employing the second of his two facial expressions, the bottom lip out ‘guppy’ sulk.

Later this month, Garry tries to commit suicide and who can blame him, with no mistress, love child, wife or unborn baby, what chance of a storyline is he going to have now? Having said that, the lack of story line hasn’t stopped the Ferrieras from being in employment for the past year.

The Ferrieras have now set up a taxi firm (Oz cabs, where are you now?) with the proceeds of the sale of their van. It’s hardly a storyline to rival ‘Who shot Phil?’, but at least it stops them wittering on and on about mortgage payments and spare kidneys.

Dirty Den, who’s never short of storylines (or tabloid column inches), has started an affair with Kate – which is certainly keeping it close to home considering she co-owns a business with his wife.

Kate is finding it difficult to keep their relationship a secret. “It’s just some sordid little affair, isn’t it?” she spat at Den. Well you said it, love.

Things are set to get even more complicated when Chrissie asks Kate and Ian round to dinner with Den. Chrissie mistakenly thinks that Kate and Ian are going out together, “It’ll be nice to get the couples together,” she told Ian.

For a spot of wife swapping no doubt if Den’s got anything to do with it.

There are more secrets and lies (well, this is Walford) over at Andy and Sam’s house. Andy, worried that Billy is about to tell Sam about his afternoon with Kat, has proposed marriage to her.

“Is that wot I fink it is?” squealed Sam as Andy presented her with a red ring box. Indeed, Sam is to get her wish by becoming an East End gangster’s wife. Heaven help her if she stands him up at the aisle, though.’

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