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The Shy Moose

by | 14th, July 2004

‘KENWOOD is a shy moose. When keepers at Emmen Zoo, Holland, took delivery of him from a zoo in Toronto they wanted him to have a good time so they put him in a cage with the alluring moose Winya.

But things did not work out. Winya bullied him. ‘She’s a real bitch,’ said biologist Agaath Kooi. ‘She ran after Kenwood and kicked and bit him wherever she could. And although Kenwood is much bigger than her, he let it all happen.’

So Kenwood was moved into an enclosure with a different moose called Icmu in a bid to give him more self-confidence and some assertiveness training. And it worked. Says Kooi: ‘When Winya ran to him to give him a kick, he immediately kicked her back. Ever since Kenwood has gained respect from her.”

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