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by | 15th, July 2004

‘HAVING seen Tony Blair try to squirm and worm his way out of trouble in yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Question Time, we are delighted to hear that Ofcom is to relax its rules on swearing.

‘And as for that ginger wanker…’

From next March, when the rules governing what can be broadcast are changed, the Times says there will less need for guarded words, fine rhetoric and verbal acrobatics.

Come next spring, Michael Howard can just lean over the despatch box and call Tony Blair a fucking jumped up little twat.

Of course, parliamentary protocol will still play a part, and Howard may have to include a qualifier, allowing Blair to become a Right Honourable fucking jumped up little twat.

But Howard might like to call the old smirker something worse.

Ofcom, the Office of Communications, will remove prescriptions of “taste and decency” from its broadcasting code, thus allowing copious amounts of swearing, should the part demand it.

And that includes what the Times terms the “c-word”, which is deemed to be worse than the “f-word”, having came top of a survey by the Broadcasting Standards Commission to find the most shocking word around.

However, such words will still be only allowed out after the 9pm watershed, so inuring Blair from being of the receiving end of any poignant criticism at PMQs.

Unless of course a debate into why he is such a complete f-word c-word drags on past the normal hour…or Jeremy Paxman interviews him on Newsnight.’

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