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Jonny On The Spot

by | 19th, July 2004

‘REMEMBER Jonny Regan? Jonny? The Jonster? Regan? JR? The Geordie no-hoper from Big Brother past? The one who thought he could sing…?

‘Okay, you’ve got two guesses’

At this point it is customary for the tea-lady at Anorak Towers, the delightful Mr Winton, to carry on listing Jonny Regan’s roll of lifetime achievements until we finally recall something about the man.

She will then nod and routinely say how we’ll never guess what happened to him – and, before we have had a go at proving her wrong, she’ll tell us how he died horribly just the other week.

But we suddenly remember Jonny without any further prodding, and note, with OK’s help, that he has just married his true love, Joanne Llewellyn.

That’s Joanne in the white dress, just to the left of Kate Lawler, the blonde who met Jonny on the set of Big Brother, and to the right of Alison Hammond, who met him on the same show.

At either end of the line up are Lynne Moncrieff, who also appeared on that show, and Sophie Davey, who did likewise.

And one page on, there’s former Big Brother contestant Lee Davey, now married to Sophie Davey, and his co-star PJ Ellis.

And there’s Justine Sellman (who appeared on a later edition of Big Brother) along with Jon Tickle, who did the same.

The effect makes us wonder who we’d like to vote out of the wedding first. But before we can, we’ve turned the page over and learned that Jonny would like Nadia to win this year’s show.

Apparently, there’s a bit of wedding cake going and it’s got her name on. So hurry up and get out of the house, Nadia – a friendship with Johnny Somethingorother awaits…’

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