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Diana’s Water Fall

by | 23rd, July 2004

‘THE Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is even more emblematic of the good lady’s life than we first imagined.

Listen to the trickle of children’s tears

According to the Mail, the circle of tears in London’s Hyde Park is made of a granite that becomes so slippery when wet that pilgrims paddling in the watery tribute can actually take a tumble, so reliving Di’s cry for help down those unforgiving stairs.

Yesterday, two adults and one child experienced this hidden extra and were immediately sent to hospital for check-ups.

We are pleased to say that the two adults have been discharged from hospital and that the child’s head injury was not as bad as feared and he too is now back at home.

But the bad news is that rather than being a fillip for the already troubled attraction, this ingenious chance for children and adults to hurt themselves, cry and thus fill the fountain with their own salty tears has not gone down well in all quarters.

Spoilsports on the Royal Parks staff have turned off the fountain, drained it of its waters and called for help.

And the news is not encouraging. Although Royal Parks spokesman Theo Moore is hopeful that the fountain will once again run, he is unable to put a date on its reopening.

And it might need a few alterations, especially if the likes of Karen Blanchette, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, has any say in the matter.

‘We knew a combination of children, flowing water and a granite fountain was going to be a problem,’ says she. ‘We hope this investigation will throw up some ideas about what to do.’

And so do we. But how can we help make the Diana fountain any safer?

Turning the thing into a lake with an effigy of Diana on a central lily pad is one idea.

And if you have any suggestions, please add your voice to the debate.

Because right now, this fountain is a hazard. As the Princess herself might have put it, it’s like a landmine waiting to go off.’

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