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The Green-Eyed Monster

by | 23rd, July 2004

‘ONE man who has no need of Marlon Brando’s grapes is Latin actor Antonio Banderas.

Mel kept Antonio in a killer armlock

Unlike Brando, he also has no need of call girls since he’s married to the woman with a head for business and a body for sin, Melanie Griffith.

And right now the couple are in Spain, loving, listening, canoodling and doing whatever it takes to ‘renew their marriage’.

The Enquirer reports that there has been trouble in paradise, problems which began earlier this year when Melanie accused her man of having an affair with Emma Thompson, his co-star in the movie Imagining Argentina.

Antonio’s response was to tell his wife how insecure she was, how she was embarrassing herself and to ask himself how much more of her jealousy he could take.

So she decided to test his limits by going ‘nuts’ when he was photographed with his arm around jewellery designer Claudia Hammer at a film festival in Sicily.

So they are now in Spain for a few weeks, doing those Spanish things that will make them fall in love anew and encourage her to stop worrying about his flirtatious nature and to prevent him from even thinking about cheating.

Things like walking on the beach, shopping in markets, watching the bullfighter chop off the bull’s testículos and so on…’

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