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A Stitch In Time

by | 28th, July 2004

‘WHEN celebrities are hospitalised, they usually return at a later date with no crows’ feet, a bigger bust and this year’s nose.

Nothing fishy about Leslie and Lee’s romance

We had dared to suppose that this would be the case with Leslie Ash.

After her lengthy stay in a clinic, we imagined her re-emerging into the glare of publicity with no loose skin over her knees, teeth whiter than an albino’s strapmarks and a backside that appeared to have climbed back up her legs.

And our fears were not without some grounding in reality. After all, Ash is the woman who inflated her lips into the famous trout pout.

But it seems that we were wrong – Leslie was really ill.

Of course, how she came to be in the hospital where she contracted a life-endangering superbug in the first place is something private between she and her supportive husband, but ill she was.

But now she’s on the mend. And, as is the way with the celebrity set, as soon as they find their feet, they use them to walk over to the phone and call their agent.

And before you can “MRSA”, they’re on the plane to Ibiza with their family, a Hello! scribe and snapper in tow.

Leslie is no exception to the norm, and we catch up with her in the holiday pool, where her body is being supported in the water by caring husband Lee.

One still on and she’s on the edge of the pool, resting on Lee. Then she’s back on the edge of the pool, again resting on Lee, who for this shot has removed his top.

Move on, and Ash is seated on a chair, her legs curled up as she rests on Lee, who has now put his top back on.

More flashes of the camera and Leslie’s standing on the patio near her holiday rooms, leaning into Lee, who once again has his top off.

Indeed, so close are the couple in each shot that we wonder if husband Lee didn’t come to be surgically attached to his wife when her post-operative sutures were laced in.

And then, the worry is how this closeness will interfere with their sexual gymnastics, the bedtime romps that apparently caused her to be injured and end up at death’s door, and so very close to her husband…’

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