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Caught On Camera

by | 30th, July 2004

‘EROTICISM and Britain have never been easy bedfellows.

The saucy postcard is as far as the British like to go. But things are changing, apparently.

And now we Brits are being invited to submit our home made sex films for the country’s first erotic film festival this September.

The Xplicit British Film Festival is offering a contract to the maker of the best amateur film.

Xplicit 984 founder Amanda Kiss says: ‘We are so excited about the Xplicit British Film Festival – it represents a milestone in history and demonstrates that sex is no longer a taboo here in the UK.

‘It really is refreshing to see that us normally prudish Brits are finally realising that adult entertainment is not a sin.

‘Sex is mainstream now, it’s here to stay, so let’s embrace it!’

Makes you wonder how the British used to procreate in the years before Ms Kiss happened along…’

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