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Hookers For Bush

by | 2nd, August 2004

‘OBVIOUSLY Dr Liam Fox is a fine, upstanding man – and we cast no aspersions when we mention that he is still a bachelor at the age of 43.

‘Ah! Doctor Fox, I presume’

The only thing keeping him up past 10pm at the Republican Convention, we’re sure, will be the cut and thrust of political argument with his American colleagues.

But we trust the same will not be said of all the visitors to the New York convention.

The Independent reports that escort agencies, strip bars and other establishments catering for the discerning man have declared last week’s Democratic Convention in Boston a big bust.

The agency Convention Cuties said the level of business had been ‘a disappointment’.

In a presidential race where every vote is likely to count, can John Kerry afford to alienate hookers in this way?

We trust George Bush’s supporters will not be so gung-ho about the XXX vote and will spend the week dipping their wick for Dubya.’

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