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Fox Hunt

by | 2nd, August 2004

‘WHEN politicians disappear for their summer holidays, they are not all lucky enough to be guests of Sir Cliff Richard at his Bahamas home.

‘There must be a Tory round here somewhere’

Some travel around France together sharing a bed because they, er, can’t afford to get a twin room.

Others, like Tory party co-chairman Dr Liam Fox, go further afield, scouring the world in a desperate attempt to drum up a few votes.

The Times says Dr Fox has spent the first fortnight of the summer recess in Hong Kong and Dubai trying to revive a volunteer organisation called Conservatives Abroad.

He is off to South Africa this week and later in the month will visit the United States, where he will attend the Republican Convention.

‘With Michael Howard’s fortunes faltering in the opinion polls,’ the paper says, ‘the Conservatives have decided to invest in thousands of air miles for Dr Fox in the belief that Britons overseas are much more likely to vote Tory than any other party.’

A similar tactic, albeit aided and abetted by an electoral fraud, worked for the Republicans in the 2000 US Presidential election.

What it basically boils down to, however, is this – the only people daft enough to vote for Michael Howard are those who don’t know him and wouldn’t have to suffer his policies even if by any miracle he were elected.’

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