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Crap Coffee

by | 2nd, August 2004

‘WE’VE all had a crap cup of coffee in our time, although most of us haven’t paid £20 for the privilege.

But that is what coffee fanatics will pay for a cup made from Kopi Luwak beans, which sell for more than 250 pounds per pound.

And, according to Canadian scientist Massimo Marcone, the reason why the Ethiopian beans – the world’s most expensive – taste better than anything else is because they have been eaten and defecated by a wild cat.

Mr Marcone used taste machines and humans to establish that there really is a difference in taste between beans that have passed through a civet cat’s digestive system and those that have not.

The University of Guelph professor claims it is because digestion breaks down protein, and protein makes the non-digested beans bitter.

However, he insists there is no health risk in drinking coffee from the digested beans, as there is very little bacteria left on the beans once they are washed, and roasting destroys the rest.’

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