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Tantrum Tamer

by | 4th, August 2004

‘THERE’S no point kids throwing tantrums just because Dad has given them a good wupping at kick-boxing or bare-knuckle fighting.

‘Okay, Grace. What’s Pi to 40 decimal places?’

They need to put in more hours in the gym, so that as soon as Dad walks in from work he gets put on the floor by a left jab and right uppercut combination.

Save the tantrums for Mum, especially when she’s struggling her way round the supermarket.

But the Times has news that the supermarket tantrum may soon be a thing of the past.

Tesco is working to perfect a trolley called the Tantrum Tamer, which will have an electronic screen attached to play DVDs, CDs and educational games to kids seated at the back.

A prototype should be in shops within a month.

The supermarket giant began the project after a survey found that 84% of parents said they’d like help keeping their kids busy while they were doing the shopping.

At the moment, Tesco recommends parents play things like I Spy or maths games with their kids to keep them amused.

‘Okay, little Jack, see if you can work out 1,567 x 5,209 before dad?”

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