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Sex Is ‘In’ Again

by | 6th, August 2004

‘IF you read the papers, you could only conclude that the sex-mad Brits are bonking morning, noon and night.

‘Fancy a shag?’

Hell, a couple of years over here have thawed even the England football manager’s icy Viking veins and he can barely look at a woman these days without luring her into his bed.

But it turns out that, while Sven’s bedroom may be more packed than an England substitutes’ bench during a friendly match, most of our sex lives are about as exciting as, well, the action on the pitch during an England friendly match.

The Guardian reports on a survey by Prima magazine that suggests married women today are having less sex than their grandmothers did.

Indeed, many are having less sex than their grandmothers even now, but we all knew those old people’s homes were dens of vice.

However, Prima claims that women in the 1950s had sex on average twice a week, while two-thirds of women today complain they are too tired to manage that much.

In fact, the message seems to be that, if people want to maintain a healthy sex life, they should not get married.

Four out of five couples are sleeping together by the fifth date, but as soon as they have walked up the aisle together the passion dies down.

The good news, however, for women is that, if the 1950s are back in fashion, so is sex.

The only problem is that they’ve got to try to fancy the idiot in the brown YSL trousers, Mulberry printed shirt and pointed Helmut Lang brogues…’

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