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Chyna In Your Hand

by | 6th, August 2004

‘SHE might not be big over here, but Joanie Laurer, the wrestler formerly known as Chyna, is coming to an internet site near you.

Big Daddy never looked like this

As is the way with these things (Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly’s so-called ‘Wedding Night Tape’, the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee show reel and Paris Hilton’s bargain bucket horror show) a promoter has gotten hold of a tape showing the muscled fighter in a no-holds-barred grapple with her ex-fiancé, wrestler Sean Walterman, alias X-Pac.

‘They go through different sexual positions on her big bed,’ says a source.

‘Occasionally, she’s decked out in a tight black vinyl outfit with a flowing cape…

‘There’s even a segment where she puts on some leather gear and twirls swords that look straight out of Xena: Warrior Princess!’

Having seen what American TV wrestlers usually get up to, we might also get to see Chyna standing on the headboard before plummeting down on her man’s groin.

He can then pin her leg up behind her and repeatedly smash her head into the floor, with each thrust accompanied by the stricken Chyna slapping her hand down on X-Pac’s backside.

But anyone wishing to study this film in close detail should be warned. What looks like hardcore, all-the-way action may very well be just two wrestlers pretending to do it.

Hell, they might not even touch each other at all…’

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