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by | 11th, August 2004

‘EASTENDERS bosses need not worry about the stolen scripts being leaked to the newspapers.

‘Give me a ring on 0800 NONEWS’

Even in the middle of silly season, no paper’s going to alienate its readers by printing any more of the tedious tosh than they have to.

They’d prefer to regurgitate two-week old stories than give the Ferreiras any more publicity – and so that’s what the Star does today.

“Jordan In Wedding Shock,” says its front-page excuse for publishing some “sexy, new pictures” of the overinflated glamour model.

And inside it tells how the 26-year-old is now on sparkling form after getting engaged to pint-sized Aussie poster Peter Andre.

“The gorgeous glamour girl’s hunky lover surprised her,” the paper reports, “by going down on one knee and producing a whopping £5,000 diamond ring.”

Regular readers will immediately notice something wrong with this story – and not just that if Peter went down in one knee he wouldn’t be able to see over the side of the table.

It is that it bears a remarkable similarity to the Sun’s story of July 29th, which also took place on the Maldives island of Ringali and which also involved Andre giving his girlfriend a £5,000 diamond sparkler.

In fact, the only difference between the two stories is that in the Sun’s version the couple were on the island filming a pilot for a show called – laughingly – VIP Get Me Out Of Here, while in the Star’s version they were filming a video of Peter’s track All Time Girl.

As they say in Tabloidland, you really couldn’t make it up…’

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