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Haway The Clones

by | 12th, August 2004

‘READING today’s news gives us the sensation that Britain is embroiled in a macabre race against the clock.


The Times tells us that British leaders are prime targets in an al-Qaeda assassination plot. So too are leaders in Pakistan and the USA.

Indeed, any leaders, politicians, statesmen and, one supposes, newsagents, gardeners, flower arrangers and Big Brother contestants the vile al-Qaeda doesn’t like are marked for murder.

While this is no great revelation (and not exactly a scoop for the Pakistani security services that came upon the information), the fact that such news comes on the day when the papers are awash with stories of human cloning troubles us.

The Telegraph reports that yesterday the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority gave British scientists the go-ahead to clone human embryos for the first time.

Next week, a team of experts at Newcastle University will follow the Telegraph’s six-point guide (with pictures) entitled, “How It Works”.

(We must point out to team leader Professor Alison Murdoch that the paper has crucially failed to print Part 2 of its guide – the part that warns scientists not to use skin from Newcastle United football fans on account of it being permanently frozen through exposure to sub-zero temperatures.)

But no matter, because the Independent has its own SEVEN-point plan to replicate human life, which includes an image of the final product of this cutting-edge science – a small baby with pert ears, eyebrows raised to the point of incredulity and a smug grin.

No it’s, not Dolly the sheep. This one’s called Tony…’

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